Ceramica Dolomite was born in Trichiana in 1965 in the shadow of the mountains which rise from Belluno and range across the border between Italy and Austria. For those who live and work there the mountain theme symbolises concrete ideas, practical intentions as well as conviction in the tackling of obstacles which stand in the way of success. When these attitudes and aims are transferred to a company they make up the ideology of the firm which in turn leads to remarkable entrepreneurial feats, as demonstrated by the success stories which apply to numerous manufacturing activities in the area.

In 2007 Ceramica Dolomite established itself as Ideal Standard International (an independent and privately-owned headquartered in Brussels company since 1 November, 2007) noteworthy local brand.Ceramica Dolomite still distinguish itself by mountain inherited values as commitment, tradition and work, which grant its grassroots to get stronger and to aspire to the future.

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