Sanitary ware

With an experience of more than 6 decades in the world of Business, Comercial Salgar has become the leader Spanish company in the field of integral equipment for Bathroom.

From their modern premises in Zaragoza, which have the most advanced means for the Bathroom , mirrors, accessories and other Bathroom complements production and adapted to get the highest enviroment respect, Salgar distributes their products through their professional commercial Network for the National and International markets all around the world, warranting an excelent service to the customers, considering this one of the main Business values.

The pressence during years of Comercial Salgar in the National and International Fairs as Cersaie, Construmat, ISH, etc. has given the possibility to the company of being in avant-garde for design in shapes, colours and materials, adapted in every moment to the needs of each market and economical power of the consumers.

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Ceramica Dolomite was born in Trichiana in 1965 in the shadow of the mountains which rise from Belluno and range across the border between Italy and Austria. For those who live and work there the mountain theme symbolises concrete ideas, practical intentions as well as conviction in the tackling of obstacles which stand in the way of success. When these attitudes and aims are transferred to a company they make up the ideology of the firm which in turn leads to remarkable entrepreneurial feats, as demonstrated by the success stories which apply to numerous manufacturing activities in the area.

In 2007 Ceramica Dolomite established itself as Ideal Standard International (an independent and privately-owned headquartered in Brussels company since 1 November, 2007) noteworthy local brand.

Ceramica Dolomite still distinguish itself by mountain inherited values as commitment, tradition and work, which grant its grassroots to get stronger and to aspire to the future.

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Hafro is the brand of the group Geromin with a special vocation for evolved wellness systems, where is main character for 20 years with hydro-massage tubs and multifunction shower cabins. In the factory of S.Stino di Livenza, close to Venice, with an area of 13.000 square meters, all Hafro models are designed and produced. These models stand out in the market for their high level of design, technology, safety and for a service which is synonymous with company reliability.

Collections Hafro starts from a specific philohsophy: answer with solidity and functionality to the new needs of wellness through evolved solutions looking at the modern life quality. Basically this success has been grant by strategical choices as technological investments, material quality, marketing projects and specific services dedicated to clients and dealers.

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Since 1989 in Montegalda, PDP Box Doccia. Quality, design, innovation and customization. A big company which in more than 20 years has grown in Italy and Worldwide. 15.000 mq dedicated to the production divisions: from raw product to the finished, from the polishing to the powder coating using the most innovative technologies and best quality materials, blending together to create unique products.

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Scarabeo's elegant, functional washbasins in many different models, have been stealing the scene in the bathroom since 1974.

The commitment and seriousness the firm has always shown, together with the quality of its products, have enabled it to make a name for itself on domestic and foreign markets and to set up successful collaboration agreements with the world's leading sanitary fixture manufacturers.

Scarabeo's philosophy is to make the washbasin the focal point of the bathroom, and to make every effort to come up with new ranges and models for an increasingly demanding market, and to concentrate more on the quality and uniqueness of the products than on large quantities.

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We operate out of Burgos, Spain, on grounds totalling 250,000m2, containing all production facilities, commercial and marketing offices, quality control and R&D activities. We have 10 delegations across Spain and a department dedicated speci´Čücally to exports to over 40 countries around the world.

From our early beginnings, we have always been concerned to open new frontiers and extend our operations across the globe. Today, Gala is a company with a strong presence on every continent.

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